Scope of Work

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In addition to coordinating the Client's application for service to the utility companies, the Consultant will establish location and availability of existing distribution facilities by contacting:

  • Electric Utility's Engineering and/or Mapping Departments

  • Gas Utility's Engineering and/or Mapping Departments

  • Telephone Company's Engineering and/or Mapping Departments

  • Cable Television Company's Engineering and/or Mapping Departments

  • Making a sight visit to establish available utilities


  • Coordinate offsite service to project, if necessary.

  • Establish preliminary joint trench location by meeting with individual project engineers for:

  • Electric Utility Company

  • Gas Utility Company

  • Telephone Company

  • Cable Television Company
  • Provide intent drawing depicting proposed joint trench location to Client and the utility companies for review and comment. May include spotting transformers for Multi-unit Projects.

  • Coordinate any necessary changes in the proposed joint trench location with utility engineers and other consultants.


From information obtained from the client during Preliminary Investigation and plans developed through coordination with utility engineers, Consultant will prepare a composite utility plan that includes the following:

  • All trenches necessary for the installation of electric conduits and cables; gas mains and services; telephone conduits and cables; cable television conduits and cables, including offsite installations necessary to serve Client's project.
  • All excavations necessary for the installation of electric primary and secondary splice boxes, electric transformer and switch enclosures; telephone splice boxes, vaults and manholes; cable television splice box and pedestals.
  • Street lighting facilities from Civil Engineer’s design or plans provided by others (Utility Company, City, County, or Client's street light consultant).
  • Consultant to send plans to Client's other consultants for review and comment.  Consultant will meet with other consultants to resolve any conflicts found in utility substructure design.


  • From completed Joint Trench Improvement Plans and utility company standard drawings and specifications, Consultant will compile utility company specific material specifications and prepare unit price bid sheets that include the following:
  • Lineal footage of all trenches, listed by various sizes

  • Splice box excavations, listed by quantity and size

  • Lineal footage of conduits and pipes to be supplied and installed

  • Splice boxes, vaults and manholes to be supplied and installed

Consultant will send the completed bid package to the Client for its use in soliciting competitive bids for the line extension construction


  • From trench unit prices obtained, consultant will prepare a "Trench Price Breakdown" (Form "B"), for determining amounts trench participants owe Client
  • Prior to start of joint trench construction, Consultant will coordinate and conduct a pre-construction meeting at the jobsite with utility companies and the successful construction contractor.


  • During construction of joint trench system, Consultant will visit jobsite, if requested by the Client, to monitor job progress and report findings verbally or in writing to Client's authorized agent.
  • If requested, Consultant will prepare record drawings based on in-place construction revisions provided by Client's field superintendent and/or construction contractor or from measurements taken by the Client’s Civil Engineer survey crew. 


  • Prepare working drawings for street light construction per Electric Utility Company and/or public agency specifications.
  • Coordinate street light locations with other Consultants as required


  • Prepare preliminary trench alignment plan for utility company’s and government agency approval.
  • Prepare working drawings including a schematic conduit plan if necessary and all required trench sections and box excavation details.

  • If the electric line extension working drawings for the Project are also a part of the consultant's scope of work, the cost of reviewing the overhead to underground conversion drawings is included in this item of work.


  • Prepare and process detailed gas and electric line extension working drawings through the utility company's engineering department.  The Consultant’s design shall conform to the utility company's standards.


  • Review PG&E contracts for accuracy. Confirm allowances, credits,  and refunds
  • Assist the developer with contract decisions and financial analysis

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