Welcome to Sunshine Design / IUCG

California’s building industry is the largest in the nation. And time is always a factor when it comes to getting a project done.

In 1996 all electric and gas companies in California opened up the ability for outside design work to be done. This was done at the demand and request of CBIA, HBA and the major builders in California.

Utility companies opened the door for applicant design. Long lead times, little to no control by the builders and poor response to the smallest request led to the 1996 applicant design standard. Now companies have a choice when they want design work to get done: yesterday or months from now.

Sonny Antonio, CEO of IUCG/Sunshine Design and a long time PG&E employee, sat on the initial committee that formulated and created applicant design. He has more than 37 years experience in the utility industry. He is an expert in the field of utility rules and tariffs. Sonny has streamlined the process of applicant design from start to finish, working out a system that flawlessly delivers what your company needs.

From consulting on contract negotiations to working out utility layouts of all electric, gas, telephone and cable TV, the team at Sunshine is a full service provider of all your utility standards and needs.

The Founders

Sonny Antonio is an expert on the rule tariffs governing Electric, Gas, Phone & TV. He worked for PG&E, for 24 + years working his way through the ranks  from helper (ditch digger) to welder to foreman to Management Director,  before moving into the private Sector.

He left PG&E to run UDI/Tetrad where he was in charge for 4 years before starting his own consulting firm, Integrated Utility Consulting Corporation, the parent company of Sunshine Design.

Sunshine Design was formed in the summer of 2003 by Sonny and his wife Carla.

Sunshine, along with IUCG, provides full service utility design and expertise for both commercial and residential building projects.

Sonny sits on the CBIA Board of Directors, State Energy Committee, and is a California associate to NAHB (Board of Directors, Build Pac Trustee, Associates Committee, Standing Review Board, and Membership Committee). He obtained his bachelor’s degree from St. Mary’s college and Executive Management training from the University of Michigan.

Sonny and Carla are also involved in many local charities, including Rotary International, Mission Solano and Habitat for Humanties.

Client Testimonial

Sonny, I just wanted to send you a note letting you know how much we (CPAU Electric Engineering) appreciated your work on the applicant design for the project at 433 West Meadow. This was by far the best submittal of applicant design work we have seen in our office. In particular, your office was very careful to follow our specific design criteria from the very beginning. When working with other applicant designers, it has been our experience that we have to go through numerous submittals and resubmittals before the design is correct. With your firm, the design was correct with the first submittal. Again, thank you for the great work you do.
Best Regards,
Jim Thompson
Senior Electric Project Engineer
City of Palo Alto Utilities

(Sent: Friday, December 19, 2008 1:18 PM)

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